Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa Review

92-1185 Ali'inui Drive, Kapolei HI
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Editor’s Review of Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa

Lissa Poirot Editor’s Rating 5/5 Aulani means "a messenger of a chief" in Hawaiian, meaning the messenger brings news from a higher authority. As a new resort by Disney, the resort serves as Disney's messenger of the Hawaiian spirit, culture and people. Disney's Imagineers worked side by side with local artisans, designers, builders, and historians to create a one-of-a-kind resort on the Hawaiian island of Oahu -- Disney's first and only resort not connected to one of its theme parks.

Located on 21 oceanfront acres in Oahu's Ko Olina Resort and Marina, Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa, opened to guests in late August 2011, just 17 miles but worlds away from bustling Honolulu. Nestled against a crystal blue lagoon and white-sand beach, the family-friendly (of
... more course!) resort features water play areas and two pools; spas for 'tweens, teens and adults; a kids' club; family and kid activities and programs; Disney character experiences, and two signature restaurants.

The resort is situated around its signature seven-acre water play area called Waikolohe Valley, which mimics the local landscape with a lava-formed mountain with trails leading to the blue waters below. Sprinkled through Waikolohe Valley, as well as all around the resort, are the legendary menehune, Hawaiian "little people," which showcases the local folklore with plenty of whimsy to excite little ones.

The resort is also a Disney Vacation Club resort. Upon final completion in 2013, the resort's twin towers will feature 359 guest rooms, including 16 suites, and 481 two-bedroom villas.

For an inside look at the resort, visit our special video blog and get a glimpse at the rooms, restaurants, kids' programs, entertainment, and more! less

Our Editors Love
  • Aunty's Beach House kids' club
  • Teen and 'tween spa and programs
  • Private snorkeling lagoon
Family Interests
  • Beach
  • Golf
  • Hiking
  • Water Sports
  • Sailing
  • Water Parks
Family Amenities
  • Children's Program
  • Connecting Rooms
  • Cribs
  • DVD Player
  • Family Room 5+
  • Kids' Pool
  • Kitchenettes
  • Laundry Service
  • Onsite Dining
  • Refrigerator
  • Pool
Editor’s Planning & Tips
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Aulani's Na Pua Place kid's lounge, just in view of the check-in desk, can keep kids' entertained during the registration ... Get more Planning and Tips

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When Aulani is completed in 2013, it will house 359 guest rooms, including 16 suites, and 481 two-bedroom villas. Currently, the resort's twin towers are open, with a choice of guest rooms and suites for families.

Standard rooms, at 382 square feet, are the most basic and lowest in price. The rooms sleep up to 4 in two queen beds or with one king bed with a queen-sized sleeper sofa.

Parlor Suites accommodate up to five in a room that is 764 square feet. The rooms feature a separate bedroom and parlor with a king-bed in the master bedroom, one queen-sized sleeper sofa, and one pull-down bunk in the parlor. The suites also provide an additional half bath.

The Lei Hulu Suite also sleeps up to five ... more but is 1,528 square feet and features two full bathrooms. One king bed in the master bedroom, a queen-size bed in the parlor, and a sleeper chair in the parlor accommodate guests. The Ahu Ula Suite sleeps up to six in two bedrooms and 1,910 square feet. One king is available in the master bedroom, and one queen bed and queen-size sleep sofa is found in the second bedroom. The suite includes three full bathrooms. Both suites also feature whirlpool tubs, a steam shower, a full and mini refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and cordless phones.

All rooms and suites feature flat-screen TVs, DVD players, a private deck or porch, Pack 'N Plays with bedding, mini refrigerator, coffeemaker, in-room safe, and a deep-soak tub.

Two-bedroom vacation club villas feature kitchenettes and a washer and dryer. Non-members can reserved these 60 days or less before arrival and are based on availability. The villas are 356 square feet and sleep up to four with a queen-sized bed and one queen-sized sleeper sofa. less
Family Reviews
by lassie
Loved it! From the warm welcome, lovely accommodations, friendly staff, fun family activities and children programs all rated top notch. Don't miss the character buffet breakfast $$$ expensive but worth it. My 6 year old ... more
Aloha Aulani
by so cal mom
Our eight-year-old daughter was excited to experience the new Aulani Disney Resort, however she worried about our planned snorkeling trip. "What if a shark or puffer fish come up to me?" she cried. I reassured her that ... more


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