Kids in Hot Tubs? Is it Unsafe, or Just an Annoyance?

September 28th, 2011 by Pachango Leave a reply »

I’m currently reading a blog on our sister site, Cruise Critic, about kids in hot tubs. Of course my mommy brain just thought the blog was going to complain about kids wrecking a quiet or romantic experience for adults who do not want kids splashing about, but I was surprised to see that it was a discussion on whether or not it’s safe for children under the age of 14 to use hot tubs. (I’ll ignore the fact that a writer called the kids “brats.”)

As I was enjoying Disney’s Aulani Resort in Oahu last week, I watched many children splashing about in the hot tubs, particularly the infinity tub near the zero-entry pool. And you know what? I thought the same thing!

I may make some parents angry but I do not feel children should use hot tubs. I remember very clearly during my own youth the signs posting hot tubs were unsafe for children. I also spent a great deal of my early career working in health publishing, and the idea of toddler sitting in temperatures of more than 104 degrees just seems crazy. As one wrote to Cruise Critic, “she was literally cooking her child from the inside.” I agree. Children are more likely to overheat than adults, and it is why keeping infants and toddlers out of the sun for extended periods of time is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The Mayo Clinic suggests children in diapers shouldn’t use a hot tub, and that if children use a hot tub, the visit should be brief so they do not overheat, as they do more quickly than adults. They also suggest children keep their head above water, as submersing their heads increases the risk of ear infection. Children with long hair may get their hair caught in the jets, which could lead to drowning, so children should never be left in a hot tub unattended.

Both the AAP and the Mayo Clinic do not ban children from hot tubs, so hotels and cruise ships do not need to do so. It is up to parents to watch their children and make sure they are safe when using a hot tub, if they do elect to allow their children in hot tubs. Many recommend keeping infants and toddlers out of hot tubs, and allowing older children to only use the hot tub for a maximum of 20 minutes.

And to all of those vacationers calling our kids brats because they are disrupting their adult time in a hot tub, I suggest they find the adult pool and hot tub on board the cruise or at the resort, using the hot tub at night after kids go to bed, and just plain shutting up (along with the same folks who complain about our “brats” on airplanes, in restaurants, and at luxury hotels).

What do YOU think?

–Lissa Poirot



  1. Naomi says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Lissa. As a mother of 3 younger kids, I would never let them use a hot tub. Water safety is a huge priority in my household since my uncle drowned when he was 17 (he was actually a strong swimmer, but the ocean was stronger). I hope more parents take heed to your advice.

  2. Steve says:

    You shouldn’t tell people to shut up. It’s almost as rude as most people’s children are. Your children “acting up” or being rude to me, is your responsibility. It’s exactly the same responsibility as if you threw water in my face, or said something inappropriate. I cannot fathom how people expect strangers to excuse their children’s behavior. I didn’t decide to have a demanding a-hole follow me around for the next 18 years, don’t expect me to be happy, or put up with, someone being an a-hole to me(even your kid).