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Have you heard? The new LEGOLAND FLORIDA opened this month to much fanfare and accolades! Our regular contributor and mom Wendy Irvine was there for the grand opening with her family. A full review of the theme park will be on the site soon, but until then, here’s her thoughts on which ages will enjoy the theme park.

Are you thinking about visiting LEGOLAND, but are wondering which ages are best for the park? And which ages are just too old to appreciate the fun? Well, for many of us the news is both good and bad. First the good. Unlike almost everything you can name in our PG-13 world, the LEGO company created their land with one market in mind: children. And, by children, they specifically mean the 2 to 12 age group.

I love that I visited LEGOLAND with my 8-year-old boys and not once worried that the fair maiden in the pirate show would be prancing around in Heidi Klum-wear. Or that the 4-D LEGO mini figure movie would slip in a word or embrace meant for adults. Same with the elaborate LEGO statues throughout the park: the women and men built in LEGO are — hello? — dressed. Not a belly button ring to be seen. Love that.

Want more great news? A small town was created with the adorable set in mind. That’s right. Your toddler will be all smiles in the Duplo Village where he can extinguish flames like a fireman, slide and climb all over the Duplo farm and even fly a plane.

And what about your excitement-seeker you ask? Just point your spills-and-thrills child toward the Flying School and The Dragon. The zippy roller coaster fun is just what the doctor didn’t order, but your child will love it. Also much loved by the scarier-the-better group: the Kid Power Towers where kids pull themselves high with a rope and then let themselves “free fall.” Exciting and fun and totally not for me, but my risk-taker loved it.

Both of my boys raved about the Island in the Sky which is a large seated area that spins a whopping 150 feet high and makes a 360-degree turn over LEGOLAND. (Kind of scary for wimpy me, but my boys wanted to go again. Ignore me, it’s grandma-friendly.)

Now for the downside. While LEGOLAND says that ‘tweens (ages 11 and 12) will love the park, I have my doubts. If your ‘tween is a serious Lego connoisseur, then by all means: bring him to LEGOLAND. (And don’t miss the Imagination Zone where mounds of LEGO are available for hands-on play.) But if your 10- to 12-year-old is a bit on the ornery side (or likes to think they’re sooo mature), they will not appreciate the engineering wonders all around them.

As for teens: LEGOLAND was created for ages 12 and under. Teens will likely be quite contrary in the park. If you can safely leave your teen at the hotel pool — save yourself and park ’em.

— Wendy Irvine

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