Black Friday for Kids

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Black Friday may mean shopping deals galore to adults, but to children, it’s torture to be dragged along on the bargain hunt. Thankfully, many smart businesses realize parents need some options for the kids and museums, indoor bounce playgrounds, and even some stores offer supervised programs to keep kids busy while you shop.

For example, IKEA stores feature a supervised play area for kids so parents can register the kids and shop. The play areas feature climbing structures, ballrooms and crafts so the kids can have fun while parents shop in peace. Visit IKEA’s website to find a store near you.

Many My Gym Children’s Fitness Center chains offer a Shop and Drop Camps or Shopping Day Out programs with morning or afternoon sessions for members and non-members, sometimes for kids up to age 14. There are more than 200 chains across the country, so be sure to check out one close to you.

Indoor bounce playgrounds across the country are also a good bet. Bounce U chains are offering supervised Black Friday Drop and Shop programs. A quick search found programs on Long Island and the Philadelphia suburbs. With locations in 21 states, check its website to see if a program is available near you.

Museums are also offering Black Friday Camps for kids to get involved in arts and sciences while parents shop. The Pensacola Museum of Art on the Florida Panhandle, for example, features a Black Friday Camp for half or full day drop off available to members and non-members. San Antonio’s Children Museum is also offering a program. Be sure to check museums near you to see if any are offering programs.

Of course, many malls feature playgrounds, but these are not supervised. If shopping as a couple or with a friend, take turns watching the kids at the playground while the other shops. You may be in a shopping frenzy but be sure to stop and let the kids get some of their energy out, or suffer the consequences of a tantrum later!

–Lissa Poirot


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