Do you know a family who"s planning a big vacation or simply loves to travel? Consider these products -- for mom, dad or the kids -- for your holiday shopping list. This family gift guide is ideal for any traveler in the family.

Written by Courtney Elko

Magic Sketch Deluxe Kit

Keep the kids busy while on a road trip or on an airplane with the Magic Sketch Deluxe Kit, which allows kids to create on the sketch pad with stencils, stamps or rollers. Kids can easily write and draw on the liquid crystal screen and erase everything in order to create something new by the touch of a button, making it a great add to your family gift guide for the kids.

Approximate Price: $29.95

GB Pockit Stroller

This travel stroller has been recognized by the Guinness World Records as the smallest folding stroller in the world! So it should definitely be added to your family gift guide list! The two-step folding process makes life easier for parents on the go. The less than 10-pound stroller is lightweight and folds down to a handbag size but the removable, washable padding makes it comfortable for the kids, too.

Approximate Price: $249.95

Double Sided Packing Cubes

This set of three, double sided luggage cubes are a great way to stay organized when traveling. Organize your clothes in the small cubes of varying sizes and then throw the cubes into your luggage. Once you arrive at your destination, throw the cubes in a dresser and you"re easily unpacked. The double sided cubes allow for even more organization so you can place dirty clothes on one side and clean clothes on the other side.

Approximate Price $19.99

Minowl Travel Money Belt

If you are traveling abroad or even headed to a theme park for a day trip, a travel money belt is a great way to keep all your important items safe. So it's a must add to the family gift guide. It"s lightweight and durable so it can withstand wear and tear. It also has RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) blocking technology, which is great protection against identity theft.

Approximate Price $9.95

BenBat GoVinci “Look What I Made” Trolley

This creative kids' luggage not only can easily fit all of your child"s clothes and toys but it doubles as an on-the-go drawing table! Kids can wheel the BenBat GoVinci through an airport or have it sitting next to them in a car and then easily sit down to create a masterpiece. Slide that masterpiece into the front frame of the luggage and show it off as your kid travels the world.

Approximate Price: $49.99

Energri Pro Power Backpack

Available for pre-orders until November, this Power Backpack is ideal for the tech traveler. You can charge up to three devices, from phones to laptops, from the backpack itself. The pockets allow for cable routing so there"s no need to have wires hanging from your back and there are 12 pockets to store all your gear, which also feature weather and fraud protection. Add this to the family gift guide for the tech traveler in the family.

Approximate Price: $$129 for early bird orders

Picnic Blanket

If you"re going on a picnic and you want to bring a blanket, this one is ideal. This Camco picnic blanket features a waterproof backing and foam cushioning and it is great for a picnic, tailgate or camping. Once you are done with the blanket it conveniently folds back into easy carrying pouch.

Approximate Price: $8.99

Journey Girls Epic Summer Set

A day at the beach with you and your doll would not be complete without this Epic Summer Set! Your Journey Girl would love the folding beach chair, umbrella, cooler, beach ball and towel, which all comes included in this set. Play in the sand with this beach toy and your family beach vacation will be complete.

Approximate Price: $16.99

7AM Roma Tote Bag

This large stylish diaper bag, called the 7 AM Roma Tote Bag, is also very functional. There are padded double handles and five deep pockets that can fit bottles, diapers, wipes, snacks, books, a laptop and more. Plus, this diaper bag is also lightweight and easy to carry or store away until you may need it again. This diaper bag is a family gift guide must for a new mom!

Approximate Price: $$78

Sunba Youth Outdoor Inflatable Lounger

This outdoor, inflatable beach lounger takes zero effort to inflate and allows parents (or kids) the ability to relax and lounge almost immediately. The lightweight nylon lounger fits into a small bag for transport. Unravel the lounger and “scoop” some air into it just by holding it open and waving it through the air. Once it"s filled with air you have a comfortable, ergonomic sofa or bed. At the beach, in the yard or camping, this lounger is great for any trip or family outing. Make sure to put it on the family gift guide list!

Approximate Price: $49.99


This unique, yet functional and fun item called the Bedbox by Jet Kids is a must for kids who travel by plane often. The Bedbox is many things in one! First it is a carry-on case for kids to fit toys and other essentials like diapers or a change of clothes. Kids can even ride on the Bedbox or pull it themselves through the airport. After take off, open the Bedbox up and it becomes an extender for the airplane seat for toddler-aged children to put their feet up or it's the perfect fit for a baby to lay down on. Bedbox is great for infants and children as old as seven.

Approximate Price $169
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