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Cinque Terre is as special as Como, but in it's own unique way and with a slightly different flavor. Too often it is overlooked by visitors and I don't know why - it's another little bit of waterside Italian heaven.

The kids will love it as they would Como. Not quite sure yet if at their age, there'd be enough to excite them in Tuscany but families do visit there and the villages are charming. Florence of course is wonderful, but the kids would have to be interested in art & history (Etruscan history especially, being in the Tuscan region) and well, they may be! There's good food, great wine (not for the kids) and beautiful views. Fun picnics?

So, be very glad to help with more planning and itinerary ideas as things proceed along - I've been working with many of our travelers through various stages of their trip planning and love to help. Been all around Europe and well, if I can help someone make their trip planning easier, well that's what I am here for and very happy to do for you!

I'll be around, as will our other Euro-traveled members so there'll be help on the way when you need it! Come on back when you need us.......
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