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Old 02-28-2010, 07:48 PM
bonitafamily bonitafamily is offline
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Default Winter 2010 Ireland / England

I secured a timeshare swap for Killarney for Christmas 2010 (kids will be 16 and 13, both boys). I am looking for advice on:

1. Best time to buy airfare (by that, I mean cheapest).

2. Shannon versus Dublin to fly into (rental car availability and costs).

3. Best travel from Ireland to England (flight into a big city or the ferry, and which one. Also, we are supposed to leave the timeshare on December 25. Are there ferries and flights out, or should I spend a night in Dublin, and then leave from there on December 26th (Boxing Day - - will anything be open)?

4. We are so open on the English portion. I am thinking of a ferry and then renting a car (or keep the same from Ireland?) to then Warwick Castle (torture chambers and horror stuff, always good for older kids who like the gross out effect) Cotswolds, Bristol, Bath, Stonehenge and then time in London. Any ideas?
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Old 03-19-2010, 08:34 AM
Dexysgirl Dexysgirl is offline
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Fly into Shannon. Much nearer to Killarney . Nicer airport also.
EVERYTHING closed here on Christmas day. Try and stay another night in timeshare if possible. No flights and I think no ferries on Christmas day.
Cheap Ryanair flights from Shannon to many Uk airports . Cheek our their website www.ryanair.com
Car hire will be available in Shannon, good deals through Ryanair website.
Car will not be allowed leave Ireland. Better (and often cheaper) to fly to the UK and hire a car again over there. Again Ryanair website works well.
Beware that Ryanair is a low cost airline and there are NO frills . Their booking page uses every way to get more money off you . Keep your luggage light. Try and have a small case on wheels each that you can bring aboard as hand luggage. Use the irish www.boards.ie site to ask any questions . People on this site are very helpful.
thank you for coming to Ireland on your vacation.
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Old 03-19-2010, 07:08 PM
bonitafamily bonitafamily is offline
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Thanks Dexysgirl:

What do you think of leaving the timeshare a day earlier (December 24th). My concern is Boxing Day (not a celebration in the States) may make travel difficult too.

I had heard that Ryanair charged for everything (use of the WC on board), but that would not be a problem since we travel with carry-ons (we went to France last year, but I will confirm with the irish www.boards.ie site and do laundry). I will also bookmark the Ryanair site to try my luck.

Currently, the flights to Shannon from Florida are cost prohibitive ($600 one way), so I keep checking to see when they will go on special (I expect around October for Christmas-time). Hopefully, I can get on the reverse side of a charter special where Irish and Brits are going to Florida for the holidays.

Thanks again!
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Old 04-10-2010, 12:46 AM
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Christmas time can be a hard time to find airline discounts as the airlines know this is a peak travel time for most folks because kids are on vacation from school and folks are all traveling to visit one another on during the holidays. It is NOT generally a time when they go on discounts, but that is not to say that a discount can't be had if you are willing to be VERY VERY flexible on your travel days. In that way, you might find a cheaper flight. For example, possibly FLYING on Christmas Day and arriving on Boxing Day might make sense because in general, no one wants to fly/travel on those days so planes are all generally "lighter" on Christmas Day. Only thing, you might run into trouble hiring a car on Boxing Day but then again, airports don't tend to close and you can find that out in advance as to whether or not you could pick up a car on Boxing Day. It might be possible. If not, and your first night's lodgings are close to Shannon, you could always fetch a taxi or shuttle to where you are staying the first night and then go back to the airport to pick up your car the next day at the airport - just make sure you have RESERVED in advance so there is a car available for you when you arrive at the rental agency to pick it up.

Also, why are you looking at one-way fares? You can by r/t fares where you fly into one city and fly out of another city. One way fares tend to be VERY EXPENSIVE and if you can purchase a flight into Shannon and say, out of Heathrow to Florida for return home on one airline, I think it would cost you less than buying two one way tickets for everyone in your traveling party. Have you called and asked about that yet? Ideally Heathrow would be the easiest airport to depart for home from as they have the MOST international flights & airlines going in/out of this airport each day........it's huge. The next biggest airport is Manchester, which is north, and cannot compare by a long shot to Heathrow in terms of flight availability or airlines that come in and out internationally........HUGE, HUGE difference. You'll be wanting to leave for home out of Heathrow, where you can also hire and return your car, which is the "London" airport (though kind of outside the city) and the most accessible by all international airlines. Airport code is LHR.

I would start looking into Ireland/England combo fares and see what's available on prices and not wait too long to book. I'd also consider flying Christmas Day and arriving on Boxing Day (because nothing WILL BE happening on these days anyway) but FIRST CHECK IF YOU CAN RENT THE CAR and maybe consider flying on those days to see if it saves you money. My guess is that flying on Christmas could save you A LOT. Flying right up to Christmas might cost you A LOT because it's PRIME TIME and the airlines know it so they go for as much as they can get for each seat on that plane. Try some of the airline ticket discounters and see what they are charging. But directly through the airlines - you will be paying premium fares. It's just reality. It's called Peak Travel time and it's hard to beat.

Good luck, and be sure to check out our home page for fare sales etc. We keep an eye out for them everyday and so you never know what you might find here on FamilyVacationCritic.com to help you plan your trip. We look for deals for our members to help make trip planning easier. So don't forget to keep checking our site as well for discounts and deals frequently; we might find just what you are looking for - but together we can help get your trip strategically planned to save you the most money and make it fun, convenient and easy. BTW, the Ryanair suggestion above is a GREAT one for getting between Ireland and England so definitely use that idea......if it hadn't been mentioned, it's what I would have suggested as well. Great tip.

Keep us posted Bonita! We're here for you
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Old 04-20-2010, 06:31 PM
bonitafamily bonitafamily is offline
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Default Airfare Issues


Since posting, I have learned about multicity searches for airfare, so it has helped in looking at rates, but I am not ready to buy yet since I expect them to go lower sometime in the fall. Ditto on Ryanair.

Also, I am waiting on booking flights so far out because I am concerned about the volcano, which I guess last time it erupted, it lasted 2 years and not sure if this is a short time problem or longer.

Dexygirl and all the Europeans, I hope your lives are not too disturbed about recent events.
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Old 04-23-2010, 03:43 AM
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Hi Bonita,

I am sure everything will work out fine with your flight bookings when the time comes and you are ready to purchase tickets. Things tend to have a way of working out - I've always gotten what I wanted, mostly anytime of year, international or domestic so no reason to not hope for good fares

I don't know much about this volcano; here's hoping it settles down and no harm comes to anyone anywhere and safe flights ahead.
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