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Old 05-23-2010, 02:26 AM
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Question RV's, SUV's & Pop Ups, Oh My!

Greetings all!

OK, we know some go by air, some go by sea......but some stick to terra firma and hit those open roads and take their trips on route 66! (OK it rhymes, LOL)

So we're wondering, where are you driving off to this summer? Off to visit the National Parks? Drive a classic road route? Maybe going cross country to reunite with family? Family Reunuion? Are you landlocked and wanting to see some ocean? Or do you live by the sea and want to drive up into the Grand Tetons? Long before folks were jetting off and cruising away, the common mode of travel was hitting the road, the All American way to go.

Who is sticking by this tradition and taking a good old fashioned road trip this summer, or some other time of year? My Dad and Sis did it in March because my sister was moving for a new job and they had the greatest time on their road trip - Dad was always flying everywhere for business trips and been all over the country but never SAW IT BEFORE!! I sure enjoyed seeing their pics and envied them even, having had the opportunity to do that ride together. Has to be great fun for a family!!

Let's hear it - who's "on the road again"? (love ya Willie!)
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Old 04-20-2011, 02:46 PM
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I love the spontaneity that road trips allow! My husband and I recently took a road trip south (looking for warmer weather) and we made it a point to just take it slow and stop at various tourist attractions and museums along the way. I like to try and make our family vacations as educational for my daughter (and my husband and I) as we can. Museums, aquariums, and zoos are a great way to accomplish this goal. Road trips are great for family bonding and saving money!! (Although maybe not so much with gas prices as high as they are now!)
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Old 04-20-2011, 07:32 PM
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As a Father's Day surprise, we are hitting the road and taking my husband to Yosemite. Ironically we have lived about 4 hours away all our lives and have never been there. This will be a 3 day adventure and we can't wait to see what the world has been talking about. I'm sure my husband will be glad to get away for a while and hit the road.
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Old 03-26-2012, 04:26 PM
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Since we grew into a five person family, air travel has pretty much been ruled out for most vacation ideas for the price tag alone. We've become avid road trippers and since we bought our van, traveling has become a breeze. Before buying the Caravan, we took trips in our Beloved Neon, cramming the kids in elbow to elbow with a giant plastic travel bubble on the roof. It was our last trip with the Neon that we took to Prince Edward Island that forced us into making the vehicle switch. The suspension was tested to the max as the car practically touched the ground, and every time we came to a hill, we all groaned in anticipation for the parade we would lead behind us. This year we will be installing a trailer hitch and will be looking for a light weight camper to pull. Even though we love to camp tent style, last years down pour and flooding incident made us reevaluate our choice of shelter. I was looking at the R-pod which not only has all the bells and whistles, but is considerably lighter than anything else I've seen on the market. Anyone have any tips on camper choices? my van can only pull a maximum of 3000 lbs plus gas consumption and less emissions possible must also fit the criteria. Suggestions are welcome.

Long live the road!

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Old 04-04-2012, 12:23 AM
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Hi Dave,

I love, love your stories of the Neon travels - I miss my Neon so much, did many road trips (my sister had one too) and they were indeed amazing little cars.....you got more out of yours than my sister and I combined! Hey, it got you where you wanted to go!!

The RV'ing world is huge.......I'm always amazed when I'm driving long and see the newest behemoth on the road or just a sleek, jazzy looking form. Not to mention all the items hitched up to the back of it! I don't think I ever saw so many in one place as I did near Lake Matheson on South Island, New Zealand.

Our family went on many road trips but then my Dad learned to fly and so we'd go that way! Then there were more kids and too many of us!! But an RV or hitched camper is a great way to travel since you control the arrival/departures, accommodations....everything. Lots of family fun opportunities that are unique to this type of traveling...it's great!

I did a search on the R Pod:
and found that none of them seem to weigh less than 3,000 lbs but they sure are sharp looking and there are so many options! I found two RV websites to help with purchases: one is www.rb-buying-guide.com and www.rvpb.com plus, if buying local helps, there is www.rvarea.com.

Let us know how your shopping goes and if you find something. What have been some of your most memorable camping outings? Where have you been and how does your family decide where to go? Do you have some great camping tips? Since it's not always easy for families to fly - especially with all the restrictions and challenges of air travel - I think camping/road trips are a great option for families to consider when planning a vacation. I think it's also a lot easier planning and just overall simplicity when you have everything you need right with you and can create some really interesting itineraries, even "on the fly" although I know many camping locations require reservations...you make a call and who knows, a cancellation comes and you're in!! I think camping is something many families should consider...camping was once a very, very popular type of family trip, then other options popped up and folks got away from all the joys and fun of camping Given the "need" for many people to stay connected, I'm guessing even many camping spots have wi-fi!! We pay all these highway taxes - might as well use them and enjoy wonderful trips!
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