Las Vegas Family Friendly Restaurants

Las Vegas, NV 702-414-6200
Just because you have young kids doesn't mean you can't hit a five-star restaurant. Try this light and airy -- and family-friendly -- bistro from Thomas Keller (of French Laundry fame) for its stellar brunch. The basket of warm pastries and beignets that's served as you wait for your French toast with custard and apples or slice of the quiche du jour will ruin your kids for Dunkin Donuts.
Las Vegas, NV 702-632-9364
Even a lowly burger and fries can be taken to the most decadent levels, as this sleek eatery shows. Here, you can order your burger anyway you want it, from an American classic with bacon and cheese to a truly luxe Kobe beef burger topped with truffles and foie gras -- and top it off with a customized shake (order yours with a little Chambord or Jagermeister). Ask for a booth, which comes with its own TV -- and your kids can chill out with cartoons while you enjoy a little quality time.
Las Vegas, NV 702-777-7777
You haven't really "done" Vegas unless you've hit one of the massive all-you-can-eat buffets on the Strip. And if you're traveling with kids, the Carnival is the perfect place to eat -- no waiting for meals to prepared, a vast selection (over 300 different dishes, from dim sum to peel-and-eat shrimp) to please even the pickiest palates, and lots of people-watching action to keep the little ones occupied.
Las Vegas, NV 702-735-6828
This top-rated Mexican restaurant is not your standard taco joint -- the menu features more authentic Mexican delights such as cactus and multiple variations on the classic mole sauce (including a green mole apparently favored by the Aztecs) in addition to the standard chimichangas and fajitas. Weekend nights may be your best bet, when the mariachi bands will keep your little ones entertained (or at the very least, keep the restaurant noisy enough to cover up any rowdiness).
Las Vegas, NV 702-891-3000
This casual eatery from chef-to-the-stars Puck is one of the few swank Strip spots to offer a kids menu (stocked with his famous wood-grilled pizza or the standard chicken fingers) -- though some of the "little bites" on the main menu, like steak skewers or chicken noodle soup, might also make a nice children's dinner. Grownups can pick from stellar steaks, gourmet pizzas and an excellent array of pasta dishes.

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