Okemo Jackson Gore Inn Review

77 Okemo Ridge Rd., Okemo VT

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Editor’s Review of Okemo Jackson Gore Inn

Stephen Jermanok Editor’s Rating 4/5 Impeccable grooming is one of the numerous reasons why Okemo Ski Area in Ludlow, Vermont, has continued to thrive. Through the ingenuity of powerful snowmaking machines and all-night grooming that churns ice into a skiable surface, skiers and boarders are able to ply their trade. Novice skiers feel like Olympic downhill champions as they cruise the long boulevards.

Last season, Okemo attracted more than 500,000 skiers, making it the third-most popular ski area in New England. The majority of skiers are families, who return year after year, originally lured to this 3,344-foot peak when all they had was a system of pomas (tow rope-like devices that you stick between your legs to pull you up the mountain) and narrow trails.
... more

Thankfully, when Diane and Tim Mueller took over as owners of the resort in 1982, they replaced the rest of the pomas with high-speed lifts that intricately link this broad-shouldered peak. In 2003, seven additional trails on adjacent Jackson Gore were opened, appealing to the more advanced skiers, who congregate on narrow, gladed trails like Quantum Leap or Vortex.

This was the first phase of a major expansion Okemo has undergone this past decade. The expansion also included a new fitness area, skating rink and slopeside hotel called the Jackson Gore Inn. The Muellers spent more than $50 million to create the 177-room ski-in, ski-out resort, one of the finest lodgings in New England, for folks who like to be at the base of the mountain. less

Our Editors Love
  • Ski-in, ski-out lodging with lifts, rentals and ski school nearby
  • Large fitness center and skating rink
  • Groomed trails on the mountain
Family Interests
  • Bicycling
  • Golf
  • Hiking
  • Skiing
Family Amenities
  • Babysitting
  • Children's Program
  • Cribs
  • DVD Player
  • Family Room 5+
  • Game Room
  • Kids' Pool
  • Kids'/Theme Meals
  • Kitchenettes
  • Laundry Service
  • Pool
Editor’s Planning & Tips
Rooms start at $175 a night in winter. The Executive Rooms are a little bit more at $200 a night. Ski and snowboard rentals are located right at the ... Get more Planning and Tips

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Steps from the high-speed quad that will get you up on the mountain, the Jackson Gore Inn has a spacious, comfortable feel with soft indigenous-wood paneling, carpeted floors and expansive windows for you to peer up at the mountain. The large fireplace in the center of the lobby always seems to be roaring with staff, on hand to toss in log after log. Parents will be happy about the heated underground parking garage, valet parking and ski storage.

Rooms range from one- to three-bedroom suites and also have a homey feel. Most have full kitchen facilities with stoves, dishes and refrigerators. The rooms are like condos with loads of closet space for all that ski gear, a fireplace and large bathrooms with showers and tubs. We ... more chose the Executive Room, which comes with a king-size bed and pull-out sleeper, perfect for our family of four. However, if you want more space, ask about the latest additions to the Jackson Gore area -- the Adams and Bixby Houses. Both of the houses are a little bit removed from the hotel, so they offer a peaceful retreat. They have larger bedrooms than the suites in the hotel, and each is equipped with its own outdoor hot tub, washer and dryer.

All rooms have flat-screen televisions, DVD players and Wi-Fi access. The best part is that Children 12 and younger stay at the Inn for no extra charge. less
Family Reviews
My wife, 11 year old son and I have been going to Okemo and staying at Jackson Gore for the last five years. The facility, although decent, always has been characterized by subpar service and customer attention. Sadly, this is ... more


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