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10 Best Extra Large Family Camping Tents

S’mores supplies are important, as is not forgetting to pack the bug spray. But it’s the tent that can make or break a family camping trip.

A tent that’s cramped or doesn’t keep out the elements will ruin a vacation in the great outdoors faster than your kid can accumulate mosquito bites (because you forgot to pack the bug spray…again).

Here are the best extra large family camping tents, many of which accommodate eight or more people, all of which will provide you and your family with the space—and in some cases the privacy of separate rooms—required to be together happily while sleeping under the stars.

CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent; Courtesy of Amazon

1. CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

This extra large family camping tent from Core 9 looks great with its graphite grey and either evocative burnt orange or merlot wine color scheme. It is water-tight thanks to resistant PU coated fabric and taped seams, and comfortably accommodates up to three queen-size air mattresses inside. The maximum height in the center is six feet, meaning most in your family will be able to wander about without acting out a scene from the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Other features that make this massive tent a winner include an easily accessible electrical cord port that closes completely when not engaged, lantern hook for easy illumination, and pockets that will hopefully keep your “home, home on the range, Where the deer and the antelope play” at least somewhat organized while camping.


Tahoe Gear Ozark 16 Person Family Cabin Tent; Courtesy of Amazon

2. Tahoe Gear Ozark 16 Person Family Cabin Tent

Almost more of an entire neighborhood beneath a tent than a regular camping tent, this massive Tahoe Gear cabin provides a 7-foot center height, is easy to assemble, and is the best camping tent for larger families of up to 16 people. Equipped with easy setup poles, stakes, guyline ropes, and a rainfly for unexpected weather, this enormous outdoor living quarters features an airy open screen room and a separate master suite area. There are many windows, floor vents, and an open mesh design helping to deliver much needed air flow day and night. Whether you fill this large camping tent up to the max or live large with just your immediate family, you’ll experience an elevated level of comfort while camping in this extra large tent.

NTK Arizona GT Camping Tent; Courtesy of Amazon

3. NTK Arizona GT Camping Tent

This extra large family camping tent is spacious enough for up to 10 people on a trio of double air beds and two singles, or a total of 10 sleeping bags. A detachable divider allows this tent to become a two-room outdoor palace of sorts with a pair of doors and three windows, ideal for families who love to be together but also need some alone time while traveling, hiking and camping. If a fear of bug bites keeps you and your kids from fully enjoying the great outdoors, you’ll love that this NTK tent has mosquito mesh, a fully breathable Ultra-thin polyester no-see mesh keeping even the smallest insects and mosquitos out. A full coverage rainfly and element barrier bathtub-style tent construction means you won’t experience the dreaded ‘sinking feeling’ in the middle of the night if the skies open up and drench your campsite.


Coleman Montana Tent; Courtesy of Amazon

4. Coleman Montana Tent

This extra large one room tent from Coleman is a great choice for casual camping families and scout trips thanks to being easy to transport, assembling in mere minutes without any hassle, and has a 16x7 footprint and 74-inch max height in the center. Reverse angle windows, a port for electrical access, and a clever WeatherTec system that helps keep water out make this extra large Coleman dome camping tent a fine budget option.


CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent; Courtesy of Amazon

5. CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

With a max height in the center of 6.5 feet and its expansive 14×9 dimensions, even your tallest and gangliest tweens and teens will be comfortable in this easy to assemble, cabin style camping tent. You’ll have your two queen-size air mattresses inside in minutes because this wine-colored beauty will be ready to move in in just 60 seconds time, thanks to Core’s Instant Hub Technology. A clever adjustable venting system will make even a heat wave manageable while on your next family camping vacation. Breaking down this CORE tent takes just a minute, too.


Northwest Enterprises Family Cabin Tent with Front Porch; Courtesy of Amazon

6. Northwest Enterprises Family Cabin Tent with Front Porch

This family tent with a full front porch is so large, it approximates an easy to assemble mobile home for long camping trips! Of all the large camping tents with rooms, we love that this one offers an overall size of 20×10 with a peak height of a whopping 7.2 feet. It also has a screen porch with a detachable floor, room dividers and a rear door.

Because it always seems to rain when camping, a rainfly with taped seams and a tub-style floor is a bonus in a large tent and this Northwest cabin style tent has it all, plus a privacy divider so you can create a two-room floor plan for added comfort and privacy. With a total of six large inside zip windows and a full mesh roof, there’s plenty of ventilation throughout the tent for comfortable camping in even the warmest of climates. There’s also plenty of storage, with two hanging shelves and wall organizers that have integrated smart tablet display pockets for when a movie under cover is needed to keep the kids happy after a day hiking the trails.


Winterial Teepee Tent; Courtesy of Amazon

7. Winterial Teepee Tent

It’s not the largest of extra large camping tents on our list, but this six- to seven-person tent makes an authentic statement on the trail or at the campsite. The classic teepee design is Instagram-ready and trail-ready, too, because it packs into a tight 15-pound sack for easy transportation to the next camp site or music festival. Set up takes a mere five minutes and an included waterproof rain cap for the top of the tent will prevent drips from above while the bottom consists of a waterproof tarp to keep you dry while on the ground sleeping peacefully. The main material is made of 210T Polyester so no moisture will be coming in from the sides during a blustery night beneath the stars.


NTK Super Arizone GT 12 Person XL Campting Tent; Courtesy of Amazon

8. NTK Super Arizone GT 12 Person XL Campting Tent

This spacious camping tent looks like a normal large tent had an extension built on to it to accommodate an in-law suite! The result is a brilliant waterproof family tent with ground space over 20×10 that is wrapped in mosquito mesh, keeping up to 12 people protected from even the smallest pesky bugs. There’s a clever detachable room divider, a pair of entrances, and a trio of windows. What’s better is this NTK extra large camping tent is designed for easy assembly with color coded poles for camping novices. A full coverage rainfly with double layer 190T poly keeps everyone dry and a max height inside the dome of nearly 7 feet provides maximum comfort for your tallest family members.


Tahoe Gear Prescott 12 Person Family Cabin Tent; Courtesy of Amazon

9. Tahoe Gear Prescott 12 Person Family Cabin Tent

This bright and airy, electric-blue camping tent offers a whopping 200 square feet of surface space that sleeps 12 comfortably and has a max peak height of 6-feet, 5-inches. This means even the tallest in the family can walk around this cabin tent at full extension, working out the kinks in their back after another night of camping! The Tahoe Gear Prescott tent is made of durable 190T polyester with 1200mm coating for water and UV-light resistance, keeping your family dry and out of the sun’s harmful rays while relaxing during the day and sleeping peacefully as the campfire flickers on into the night.


Dream House Outdoor Waterproof Cotton Canvas Family Camping Tent; Courtesy of Amazon

10. Dream House Outdoor Waterproof Cotton Canvas Family Camping Tent

If Barbie’s family were to go away for a fab weekend camping adventure, they’d naturally chose this extra large family tent—it is the literal Dream House. The five meter variety of this circus-esque big top tent that can withstand 30 mph winds has a center height of nearly 10 feet and a circumference of 16 feet, making it big enough for a large family (but not quite large enough to perform trapeze tricks or have a gaggle of wild animals inside).

The massive tent has good ventilation, with four vent holes on the top and four rectangle windows, all of which are made of a mesh screen with zipped canvas flaps. The ground floor is a detachable PVC sheet, connected to the upper cover with zippers to keep you dry in your camping dream home. You may get some side-eye from traditionalists at the campsite when you unveil the Dream House, but the doubters will go from horrified to envious faster than an air mattress inflates.

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