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10 Best Travel Purses and Backpacks for Family Vacations

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Even though we have kids, we still want to look stylish when traveling! We want our purses, handbags or backpacks to be fashionable and functional. They have to look cute on the outside, but can be as organized or disheveled (whatever your preference) on the insideas long as we have everything anyone in the family may need. If you’re jetting off on a plane ride, road trip or hitting the pavement to explore a new city, we have you covered with our favorite travel purses and backpacks for moms.

Kiss Gold Woman's Canvas Hobo.

1. Kiss Gold Woman’s Canvas Hobo

This handheld hobo bag is stylish and functional for moms who just want to throw it all in a bag and go. The very large main compartment can fit a tablet or e-reader, books, clothes, magazines, diapers, a wallet, umbrella, snacks and basically anything else. Inside the bag, there is a small zipper pocket and pouches for a cell phone and credit cards. The main compartment secures with a zipper so everything inside stays safe. A side pocket on the exterior of the canvas bag can fit a water bottle, too. The Kiss Gold Woman’s Canvas Hobo is available in a variety of colors.

UTO Women Backpack Purse Washed Leather Detachable Crossbody.

2. UTO Women Backpack Purse Washed Leather Detachable Crossbody

This gem of a bag offers a bag within a bag so it’s really a buy one, get one purchase! Moms can use the large backpack on travel days. Then, once you arrive at your destination, you can use the detachable crossbody bag when you explore around town. There’s no need to pack that extra purse because you have it all in one bag. The crossbody bag functions as a front flap pocket when inside the backpack. But once you remove it, the crossbody bag features a large center section that can fit a Kindle, wallet and other items. There’s also a zipper pocket in the back for phones and keys. The large backpack features two zipper pockets and three open sections on the interior, and the exterior offers a small front zipper pocket, two side pockets for water bottles, and a back-zipper pocket that can hold an iPad. The washed leather-look makes both bags waterproof and anti-scratch. So, you can travel the world with the UTO Women Backpack Purse (or your kids can drag it through the house) and there’s no worry about it getting ruined.

Diaper Bag Travel Nappy Backpack.

3. Diaper Bag Travel Nappy Backpack

If you’re traveling with a baby in diapers or one who still takes a bottle, this backpack is ideal. It looks more like a backpack or tote over an actual diaper bag. But inside, it can be filled with three bottles in a front insulated pocket that keeps bottles warm or cold for hours. Side pockets on the outside can hold a water bottle AND it’s also a tissue dispenserhow convenient! Inside the main compartment, there are six more pockets for diapers, wipes or wallets and the center can be filled with toys, snacks or a change of clothes. The Diaper Bag Travel Nappy Backpack is water-resistant and there is a waterproof back pocket for wet clothes or diapers. Moms can carry the bag as a backpack or use it as a tote and use the hand strapswhatever is most comfortable for you.

Travelon Anti-Theft Crossbody Bucket Bag.

4. Travelon Anti-Theft Crossbody Bucket Bag

This bucket bag comes in a wide variety of colors (black, beige, violet, gray, leopard) and includes the Travelon patented anti-theft features. The large main compartment features an RFID blocking pocket and a passport slot. The front exterior pocket and shoulder strap are slash resistant and the side pockets can easily fit a water bottle or umbrella. This is a great every day or travel purse since the large main compartment can fit a ton of stuff like a tablet, change of clothes, books and more. The Travelon Anti-Theft Crossbody Bucket Bag is water resistant and can go over the shoulder or across the body.

Business Laptop Backpack Travel Shoulder Bag with Charging Port.

5. Business Laptop Backpack Travel Shoulder Bag with Charging Port

The Business Laptop Backpack Travel Shoulder Bag with Charging Port is ideal for the family who travels with a bunch of electronics. The bag comes with its own USB charging port! The bag itself can’t actually charge devices, but if you throw a portable battery inside the bag, the built-in charging cable and USB port located on the exterior makes for easy charging access. The backpack features three large main compartments that can fit a laptop, tablet, books and more. It’s water-resistant, lightweight and features a theft-proof combination lock to keep your valuables safe.

Tom Clovers Summer Casual Canvas Crossbody Messenger Bag.

6. Tom Clovers Summer Casual Canvas Crossbody Messenger Bag

This large crossbody messenger bag is big enough to fit almost everything a mom may need while on a family vacation. The one large center compartment can fit a tablet, computer, diapers, change of clothes and so much more. There is an external zipper, too, making it easy to access your stuff. The long adjustable strap allows the bag to go over the shoulder, across the body or be hand held. So many options!

Small Vintage Canvas Travel Crossbody Purse.

7. Small Vintage Canvas Travel Crossbody Purse

This small purse packs a big punch with what it offers to moms. The front zipper pocket conveniently fits your phone and allows for quick access. The main zipper compartment can fit a Kindle or iPad mini, wallet, sunglasses and small accessories. When you want to listen to your music, but want to keep your device safely in the bag, there are small holes that allow for earbud cords to run safely and efficiently from the inside of the bag to your ears. This canvas purse is durable and super sturdy so moms can throw it on and head out the door without a worry. This purse may be best suited for moms who are traveling with kids who can carry some of their own stuff. You won’t be able to fit everything in the Small Vintage Canvas Travel Crossbody Purse, but you will be able to fit a lot!

Travelon Anti-Theft Heritage Tote Bag.

8. Travelon Anti-Theft Heritage Tote Bag

The patented anti-theft qualities to this large purse are perfect for moms who want to keep everything inside the bag protected. The shoulder strap and mesh body panels are slash resistant. There are locking and zipper straps and compartments and an interior RFID blocking pocket for credit cards and more. The large interior main compartment can fit books, an iPad, computer and so much more, and it is lined with open interior pockets for things like cell phones and sunglasses. For moms who want to be safe and stylish, the Travelon Anti-Theft Heritage Tote Bag is the purse you’ll want to bring along on your travels.

Fabuxry Women's Shoulder Bag.

9. Fabuxry Women’s Shoulder Bag

This messenger crossbody and shoulder bag has tons of pockets. There are three, front exterior pockets (zippers and Velcro) for easy access to phones, sunglasses or passports. The large main compartment can fit a laptop, diapers, change of clothes, toys, umbrella, magazines and wallets. And there is a back, exterior zipper pocket that can fit an iPad or eReader. The Fabuxry Women’s Shoulder Bag is sturdy, too, so it won’t collapse in on itself, and it can be a shoulder bag or a messenger bag, with the adjustable straps.

Vbiger Vintage Canvas Backpack.

10. Vbiger Vintage Canvas Backpack

This rucksack type backpack is great for carrying it all on a trip and can still fit under the seat in a plane. A mom can easily fit a laptop, tablet, books, camera, headphones, toys, diapers, snacks and much more inside the main compartment of this bag. A drawstring and a hook buckle fastens the main compartment keeping everything secure inside. Inside the bag, there are a few smaller zipper pockets as well. There is a front flap pocket that snaps shut and can hold a phone or sunglasses, and there are two side pockets for water bottles.

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