Family Activities:

African Safari Wildlife Park


African Safari Wildlife Park

267 South Lightner Road, Port Clinton, OH

Kids will love this drive thru “safari” that allows you to hang out of the window and feed the animals. Deer, llamas, bison, alpacas and elk will wander up to your car and eat from a cup filled with food. The animals roam freely and will stick their heads right in an open car window looking for more food, so be alert. Drive slowly around the park and then toward the end zebras and giraffe, who are behind more of a fence, can be fed as well. Families can purchase cups of food pellets and carrots at the start of the safari. Save some carrots for the giraffes at the end!

Visitors are asked to only feed the animals from the cup and only feed them the food provided. No one is permitted outside of a vehicle in the drive thru portion of the park either. Don’t worry about food spilling in your car (it’s very likely to happen) because there is an auto vacuum in the parking lot and for $1, you can vacuum the inside of your car.
After your family is finished feeding the animals, park the car and head into the outdoor, walk-thru portion of the zoo, where families will find birds, tortoise, pigs, monkeys and more. Visitors are asked not to feed any of these animals. Kids will also enjoy camel rides and pig races at the outdoor zoo.

May to September 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., daily. The last car is admitted at 6 p.m.

Summer rates are $21.95 for ages 7 and up and $13.95 for ages 4 to 6; free for children under 3 years old.

There is a concession stand on the property with ice cream, beverages, hot dogs and pretzels.

There’s a free parking lot near the small zoo portion of the safari.