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Animal Feedings at SeaWorld Orlando


Animal Feedings at SeaWorld Orlando

7007 SeaWorld Drive, Orlando, 32821, FL

Make room in your budget for food for the park’s menagerie of amazing creatures. For kids and adults alike, animal feedings are a highlight of the SeaWorld Orlando experience. Purchase a tray of fish and your kids can distribute the treats and then take their turn stroking a sting ray (Key West at SeaWorld), petting a dolphin (Dolphin Cove), marveling at a shiver of sharks (Key West at SeaWorld) or watching the mealtime antics of a barking sea lion (Pacific Point Preserve).

At Dolphin Cove, an official photographer captures the magical moment. For best results, arrive at the Cove early. Dolphin feeding times are staggered from morning to mid-afternoon, and the first feeding of the day is your best bet for a wait-free experience. For every two paying children, one supervising adult is admitted to the Cove feeding area free.