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Animals in Colonial Williamsburg


Animals in Colonial Williamsburg

200 W. Duke of Gloucester Street,, Scattered throughout the historical neighborhood, Colonial Williamsburg, 23185, VA

If your kids, like mine, adore animals they’ll be excited to hear that Colonial Williamsburg is home to many fur people — pampered and protected ones at that. As you walk the Historic Area take a close look at the animals living in the pastures. Belonging to Colonial Williamsburg’s Rare Breeds program that begun in 1986 to preserve genetic diversity in livestock, breeds include Leicester Longwool sheep, American Cream Draft horses and America Milking Red Devons. These rare breeds have fewer than 200 animals registered annually in North America.

The signature animals of Colonial Williamsburg are those gentle giants trip-tropping through the streets pulling period replica carriages behind.

Not rare, but just as wonderful are the well mannered dogs on leashes (locals, I presumed) who are on every street in Colonial Williamsburg walking their well-mannered people. Dogs are allowed on the streets, but can’t enter the buildings. And, Molly, a kitty adopted when she was just six weeks old, calls a behind-the-scenes barn home. She might grace you with her presence if you take the Bits & Bridles tour (great for horse-loving-kids or children ages ten and up).