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Antelope Canyon


Known for its scenic, photogenic views, this famous slot canyon is an absolute must-see on a trip to the Lake Powell area! The canyon is actually divided into two sections — Upper Antelope and Lower Antelope. Both are located on tribal land in the Navajo Nation and the entries are located a few miles away from each other. Access to both canyons is limited to guided tours only, so you will have to pay to get in (and pay tribal lands fees to enter). Tours prices vary depending on which canyon you choose, the tour company, tour type, the time of year, and sometimes even the time of day.

Upper Antelope Canyon is the more visited of the two. It’s more famous for the photogenic sun rays that shoot down into the canyon. Also, the hike is easier for the average person as the entrance and entire length of the hike are at ground level. The summer months are the best for the light beams and photography. For those wanting to photograph the light beams, tours around noon are most popular. So, do plan accordingly and book in advance.

Lower Antelope Canyon may not be as famous for the beams of light, but it still stunning none-the-less. This tour involves climbing on flights of stairs and more narrow walls (which could be more fun or more concerning, depending on the ages of your kids). If you’re looking for a tour with less people, this is likely your best bet. Tours for this canyon usually don’t sell out as far in advance either. For the best photos in this canyon, the best times are morning and late afternoon when the light isn’t as direct.

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