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Arkansas Valley Adventures Whitewater Rafting


Arkansas Valley Adventures Whitewater Rafting

40671 US Hwy 24 N, Buena Vista, CO

Spend a half or full day of adventure rock climbing, zip lining, or white-water rafting. Set up through a regional company, Arkansas Valley Adventures (AVA), families can experience the thrill of a lifetime. With speeds of up to 30 mph, the zip line course takes you through wooded mountains and offers beautiful views of the stunning peaks as you zip from cliff to cliff.

Experience the thrill of rock climbing with half-day programs and lessons that are available for beginner and intermediate climbers. Guides will teach you the basics of setting anchors and rappelling and belaying. Rock climbing is a great activity for the whole family, combining strength, adventure and teamwork.

If you’re ready to get wet, white-water rafting is an action-packed adventure perfect for all thrill seekers. Rafting trips take you through an invigorating mix of beautiful scenery and whitewater rapids on Brown’s Canyon. This activity is perfect for children ages 10 and up.