Family Activities:

Assiniboine Park


Assiniboine Park

2355 Corydon Avenue, Winnipeg

This 1,100-acre park is picturesque in the summer months. There are expansive grassy areas to run, play or picnic on and then there are fun smaller parks within the park. Kids will love the Nature Playground, which is covered in sand. If you are looking to play in the sand, but can’t make it to the beach, this is where to go. There are water tables and fountains, swings, slides and climbing structures and a covered pavilion with picnic tables nearby, too.

At the main entrance to the Nature Playground, children’s book enthusiasts will find a little gem. There is a statue of a man holding the paws of a baby bear that’s drinking from a bottle. The statue and bear is a representation of none other than THE Winnie-the-Pooh. The story goes that veterinarian and WWI Lt. Harry Colebourn, who was from Winnipeg, fell in love with a Canadian black bear cub while in Ontario. Colebourn purchased the bear for $20 (remember this was many years ago) and named her (that’s right, the bear was a female!) Winnie after his hometown of Winnipeg. Colebourn took Winnie to London where she became the Army base pet and mascot until she grew too big (as bears do) and Winnie was donated to the London Zoo.

It was at the London Zoo that a boy named Christopher Robin fell in love with Winnie and became the inspiration for the Winnie-the-Pooh books, written by Christopher Robin’s father, Alan Alexander Milne.


There are several picnic spots sprinkled throughout the park and an onsite Park Café.


Free parking can be found throughout the park.