Family Activities:

Basilica Catedral de la Asuncion


As the largest cathedral in Latin America, this Catholic cathedral completed in 1860 is a site to see! Much of the structure that took 14 years to complete is constructed of sand, egg white and limestone. The cathedral is situated in the main square in Leon and while there are numerous churches in Leon, this one is hard to pass by. The public is welcome to tour the inside of the church and guides are present to explain some of the symbolism, statues and artifacts found throughout.

Tunnels run underneath the cathedral and house ancient tombs and artifacts. A tiny piece of Jesus Christ’s crucifix is on display in one of the tunnels. However, the tunnels are only open to the public on the first Monday of each month.

After touring the inside of the cathedral, be sure to visit the roof as well. Visitors are encouraged to climb the bell tower (a narrow stone staircase, but not steep) and see even more of the symbolism in the construction of the church, as well as magnificent views of Leon and the many volcanos that surround it.

Things to Know/Bring

Once you reach the top of the bell tower, visitors are asked to take off their shoes before walking around the cathedral’s roof. Bring socks in case it’s too hot to walk barefoot on the roof. Also, mass is still held regularly at the church, so remember to be respectful when entering the church.