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Big Cat Rescue


Big Cat Rescue

12802 Easy Street, Tampa, 33625, FL

Imagine standing three feet from a 750-pound tiger! This animal sanctuary truly takes you up close and personal with these amazing cats. However, tours are at very specific times, so consult the website closely when planning your visit. Children 10 years and younger can attend only on weekends during a special kids tour. Check the website or call for details.

Recent Traveler Reviews


by monkeymommy66

Very educational. Wish we could've seen more. It started to rain and we could not view all the big cats becuase they were in their dens trying to stay dry. Dont blame them lol.Be careful…
It was a great experience for our family

by natcamp

It was a fun and educational experience for our family. This trip shed a lots of light on why wild animals should not be kept as pets. It was good to see how much thought…