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Big Pit National Coal Museum


Big Pit National Coal Museum

NP4 9XP, Blaenafon, NP4 9XP

At first, you might not think a coal museum to be that exciting of a place. But looks can be deceiving, and if you’re intent upon making this vacation to Wales as educational as possible, this museum is a must for understanding the social and industrial history of the Welsh. But don’t tell your kids that. Tell them they get to wear headlamps and go underground to dig in a real coal mine. Tell them a yellow canary will accompany them on the tour. And when it’s done, they will appreciate that the chores you assign them at home are not nearly as tough as the life of children who worked in these mines for years. There are some loud noises and flashes, so little children might be frightened. There are also a lot of steps to navigate. Admission is free.

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