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Bioluminescent Bay


Bioluminescent Bay

Laguna Grande, Las Croabas, Fajardo

Puerto Rico is one of the few places on Earth to be home to Pyrodimium Bahamense, a microscopic plankton that produces a natural light when disturbed. Join a kayak team and paddle your way through a Mangrove-lined “river” at dusk to the bay, where darkness falls and each stroke of the paddle and jumping fish illuminate the water. Quite the once-in-a-lifetime experience. Most of the kayaking is in the dark, with just glow sticks highlighting the other kayakers. Young children afraid of the dark may not like this trip, as well; one young boy could be heard crying and begging his father to take him back to shore. Keep this activity for your ‘tweens and teens, who will love it!

Recent Traveler Reviews

Crazy kayaking workout, beautiful sunset, and average bioluminescent bay experience.

by angelicali228

If you like kayaking for a couple of miles, and love nature.. you will enjoy. The walk through the murky waters, was definitely not anyone’s favorite but knowing you are going to have this experience...
Not worth the drive from San Juan; much better things to see/do

by lcf-guy

The luminescence was interesting... for about 10 seconds. More interesting was the 45 minute each way kayak trip, though that can be an adventure if one or both in the kayak don't know what they're...