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Blackwater Cat’s Outfitters


Blackwater Cat’s Outfitters

Red River, Winnipeg

If you have fishing aficionados in the family, book a trip out on the Red River to catch some monster catfish. The experienced guides will help you land some beauties (well, as far as catfish can be beautiful), and your kids will definitely end the day with some “the fish was this big” stories to tell!

Recent Traveler Reviews

Bachelor party of a lifetime!

by Carl G

Dono is pure gold in fishing and in personality. I can't say I've met many people who I enjoy so thoroughly in the eight hours of meeting him. As for the trip itself it was…
Awesome time with Blackwater Cats

by S_Gibson204

Awesome time with Donovan. Between four of us we caught a lot of cat fish. Twenty five we 34 plus inches. I was able to catch a 38 inch cat, making that my new person…