Family Activities:

Boston Children’s Museum


Boston Children’s Museum

300 Congress Street, Boston, 02210, MA

The hands-on, interactive exhibits are so much fun, the kids won’t even know they’re educational too. Adults and kids alike can scale the rock-climbing wall, or try on clothes from a different time period in “Grandparent’s Attic.” Kids can act in short plays put on by museum professionals or try their hand at a kid-friendly indoor construction site. Great for kids up until about age 8, after which point they will be bored.

On your way out of the Children’s Museum, stop for lunch and ice cream at the snack bar housed in the giant, 40-foot Hood’s Milk Bottle (summer only) and dine in the outdoor picnic area. In colder months, there is an indoor picnic area in the museum perfect for bring-your-own lunches.