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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay


Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

10165 North McKinley Drive, Tampa, 33612, FL

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay combines the best thrill rides of an amusement park with the incredible animal adventures of a major zoo into one hot attraction. Older kids will love the gravity-defying roller coasters while younger children will enjoy the jungle mazes, ropes and crawl tubes found in Jungala. Everyone will get a thrill from the zip line that soars high above the treetops. Even the youngest family members can get into the action at the Sesame Street Safari of Fun!

As of 2014, the park opened “Falcon’s Fury,” a 335-foot (102-meter) freestanding drop tower. Riders pivot 90 degrees outward in midair to a face-down dive position then plummet toward the ground at 90 mph (97 km/h).

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