Family Activities:

Busch Gardens Water Rides


Busch Gardens Water Rides

3000 East Busch Blvd., Tampa, 33612, FL

When it’s hot and sticky in Florida, which it often is, there’s nothing like a water ride to cool you off. Congo River Rapids is a good family adventure (42 inch height minimum) that accommodates groups in circular rafts for a white-water expedition along a river and through caves; plan to get totally wet. And for something that will really delight the kids, when you’re off the ride, ask someone to point you to an overlook where you can pop quarters into a machine and have your turn spraying other guests as they float past.

Stanley Falls is a log-flume-style ride (48-inches-height minimum).

And for a more intense water ride experience, there’s the Tanganyika Tidal Wave ride which makes a 55-foot drop that results in a drenching tidal wave at the finish (for kids not old enough to ride, take them to the bridge overlook where they can get splashed).

Consider bringing a change of clothes along for the kids, as getting wet on all of these rides is pretty much guaranteed.