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Cadillac Ranch


Cadillac Ranch

12601 W Interstate 40, Amarillo, TX

Cadillac Ranch is a must-visit landmark in Amarillo. Created in 1974 (relocated in 1997) by an art group, 10 Cadillacs are buried nose down in the middle of an empty field. The colorful vehicles have been spray painted over and over and over again, creating an ever-changing piece of art with tons of texture. Kids will love to grab a can of spray paint and add their own creative touch to one of the vehicles.


It’s open during daylight.

Things to Know/Bring

While you may often find spray paint cans surrounding the grounds at Cadillac Ranch, it’s best to bring your own. A souvenir shop just down the road sells Cadillac Ranch T-shirts, spray paint cans and hats.

Also, while Amarillo rarely sees rain, keep in mind the field is dirt and sometimes that dirt can be muddy.


There’s no actual parking lot, but parking is permitted on the side of the road. Just be careful when crossing the street as it can get busy.