Family Activities:

Cenotes Dos Ojos


A cenote is a natural, expansive sinkhole or cave of limestone rock that exposes groundwater underneath. The river-like caves often feature extremely clear, cool water as it is rainwater that has filtered through the ground.

Dos Ojos (meaning two eyes) cenote park is one of the longest underwater cave systems in the world at 51 miles. Diving and snorkeling are the highlights here, but for those who just want to hang out surrounded by breathtaking cenotes, there are hammocks, chairs and secluded areas for such relaxation.

There are wooden platforms and steps to enter the water at the main cenote entrances. If you plan to explore more deeply into the caves, you will want to hire a guide to take you through the water, whether diving or snorkeling.


9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily


Snack shops and an open-air restaurant can be found at the entrance to the park.


Parking is free; however, be prepared for an uncomfortable drive to Dos Ojos. The dirt road to the park is only a few miles long, but there are numerous crevasses along the way that make the drive slow and very bumpy. If you have a small rental car, you will definitely want to be mindful during the drive as the large divots in the dirt road have tire popping potential.