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ChocoMuseo – Granada


ChocoMuseo – Granada

Calle atrvesada, frenetic a bancentro, Granada

Your kids will feel differently every time they eat a piece of chocolate after this hands-on chocolate tour. The Beans to Bar Tour takes families through the process of how chocolate is made from the cacao fruit to the seed to the delicious treat. Everyone gets involved in the process and once you see the work that goes into making a chocolate bar, you savor the sweet treat even more.

The tour guides are excellent and make the experience fun and upbeat, with singing and even a few Spanish lessons. Kids will love getting their hands on the chocolate mixtures and then creating their own personal chocolate bar. This is a must-see when visiting Granada during a Nicaragua family vacation.

For the full chocolate experience, try the full-day Cacao Tour, which includes a visit to the cacao farm.


7 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily; tours are scheduled at specific times and registration is required.

Tour Length

The Beans to Bar Tour lasts between 90 minutes and two hours.

Things to Know/Bring

After creating your personal chocolate bar, you’ll need to wait an hour or so for the chocolate to refrigerate/set. Plan to get lunch after your tour and then head back to the museum to pick up your chocolate.