Family Activities:

Dettifoss Waterfall


A half-hour detour from the Ring Road near Lake Myvatn will bring you to the magnificent Dettifoss — the most powerful waterfall in Europe. You’ll see a lot of waterfalls in Iceland, but none can rival Dettifoss in terms of sheer size and force. As you make the trek from the parking lot, you’ll hear the falls before you see them…and then you’ll see the mist rising high into the sky, created by the thundering water smashing into the river below…and then you’ll crest a hill and come face-to-face with the mighty falls. When you’re done admiring the view, walk over to the neighboring Selfoss, a more sedate set of falls half a mile up the path.

When you plan your trip, note that there is both an east and west side of the falls, with different roads leading to each. It’s recommended to take the west road (862), which is an easy drive on a paved road, rather than the east (864) which is a twisty dirt and gravel road.