Family Activities:

DinoLand U.S.A.


DinoLand U.S.A.

Bear Island Road, Orlando, 32830, FL

One part fantasy, one part history and one part pure Disney fun, this whimsical land combines the wonders of paleontology with fanciful rides and a showstopper musical presentation, with a delightful dose of carnival action and character time thrown in for youthful pleasure.

Preschoolers will want to ride TriceraTop Spin, an up-and-down flying dinosaur adventure (similar in design to Dumbo and The Magic Carpets of Aladdin) again and again. The gentle journey is best repeated in the morning, when lines and temperatures are at their lowest.

Nearby, Primeval Whirl (minimum height 38 inches; FASTPASS+ available), a short coaster featuring surprise spins, drops and quick stops, looks milder than it is. DINOSAUR (minimum height 40 inches; FASTPASS+ available), a time-lapse track ride and motion simulator, is another adrenalin-enhanced adventure best suited to older children. The scenario puts you in a time travel vehicle exploration gone awry when it off-roads into a dark land of dinosaurs which jump with glowing eyes and loud roars.

Let the senior members of the family enjoy the excitement, while you enjoy some down time with the little ones. Entertaining options include Fossil Fun Games (fee), a collection of kid-friendly, Midway-style games of skill and chance and “The Boneyard” playground, a shaded multi-level maze of tunnels, slides and a sandy dig site. The area is expansive and kids can easily get out of sight. If you’re visiting with more than one small child, bring backup supervision.

At Theater in the Wild, the whole family will enjoy “Finding Nemo – The Musical,” a stage show combining puppetry, pageantry and live performance. Across from TriceraTop Spin, characters from Disney’s Canine Pals pack meet up with guests and give autographs.