Family Activities:

Dolphin Discovery Tortola


Dolphin Discovery Tortola

Prospect Reef Resort, Road Town, Tortola

Dolphin Discovery Tortola sets its encounters in the natural waters of Prospect Reef Port and limits groups to a maximum of 12. The memorable experience of swimming with dolphins gives children a new appreciation for these intelligent animals.

Choose from two programs, both of which feature touch encounters and “kisses.” Riding atop the dolphin’s belly as he swims on his back is a highlight of the less expensive Dolphin Royal Swim. The “Foot Push” (two dolphins propel you forward by pushing the soles of your feet) and the “Dorsal Tow” (hang onto the dolphin’s dorsal fin for a ride) highlight the more expensive Dolphin Royal Discovery.

Age Restrictions

Children ages 11 and younger can participate with a paying adult. Avoid days when the cruise ships are in port, as the facility gets crowded.