Family Activities:

Dolphin Discovery


Enjoy a swim with dolphins at Dolphin Discovery, located at Blowing Point on Anguilla’s west end. Visitors can enjoy a 45-minute excursion with 30 minutes with the dolphins in waist-high water. For a chance to swim with the dolphins, elect for the Swim Adventure. Kids must be 3’11” or taller to participate in the swim.

Recent Traveler Reviews

Stole my money

by jmoss422

I purchased two dolphin discovery experiences before hurricane Irma hit last year. Since the island was destroyed and inaccessible, they offered to provide a voucher to come back. This year, I'm...

by Bracksrock

Don’t get me wrong, swimming with dolphins is a great, fun experience. I just recommend moderating your expectations. We did this as an excursion from our cruise ship stop in St Maarten. The boat...