Family Activities:

Fire Island


Fire Island lies on the far eastern end of Long Island’s South Shore. Thirty-two miles long and less than a mile wide, the majority of coastline on this Atlantic barrier island falls under the protection of the National Park Service as the Fire Island National Seashore. The primary draws are the island’s pristine beaches, the majority of which offer free access to the public. The National Park Service offers an extensive menu of activities each season that include everything from guided canoe trips to hiking excursions and Junior Ranger programs.

Seventeen laid-back, traffic-free communities with names like Kismet and Sailor’s Haven are spread throughout the island, each bearing its own distinct personality. Ocean Beach is considered the unofficial capital and offers the most in the way of lodging, dining, and shopping.

Fire Island can be reached by ferry from Patchogue, Sayville, and Bayshore on the mainland. Upon arrival, visitors are greeted by rows of red wagons that can be used to cart your gear. Walking is the primary form of transportation and water taxis are available to shuttle travelers between the communities.