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Fort De Soto Park


Fort De Soto Park

3500 Pinellas Bayway, Tierra Verde, 33715, FL

Fort De Soto Park is a Florida family favorite. Far removed from your typical beachfront boardwalk, Fort De Soto is a former military post, spread across five different keys (all connected by bridges or causeways). It is green, scenic and just perfect for an oceanfront picnic.

Visitors are taken aback by the park’s beauty. There are multiple piers to take a nice relaxing stroll down, various picnic areas, a seven-mile multipurpose nature trail, a canoe trail, a pet park, two swimming areas, a camping area with a store and snack bar, along with the Quartermaster Storehouse Museum and more.

While some of the buildings have been damaged or completely destroyed by various storms since the fort’s closure and abandonment in 1923, the history on this beautiful tourist attraction is fascinating. You’ll find a variety of traditional for-style high walls, accompanied by decommissioned mortars and other cool, old artifacts.

The spot is so secluded and beautiful that part of the comic book-inspired film The Punisher was filmed here in 2003, in order to serve as a “mock-up” of Puerto Rico.