Family Activities:

Fort Frederick


It doesn’t take a history buff to appreciate Fort Frederick. Due to its location, views and hands-on experience, this is truly appropriate for a child of any age. The fort was originally built by the French for security after they captured the island from the British in 1779. Interestingly enough, the French believed the British’s error in design was to have the canons facing out toward the sea, instead of inland, in case of a land attack. Therefore, the French had the canons built facing towards Grenada, instead of away, earning its nickname, the backwards fort.

The fort is about two kilometers from St. George’s, and it’s quite an uphill climb, but it’s easily walkable, driven to, or toured with a guide. The views are 360 degrees, and something of a wonder for the island. It has a quirky and deadly history, definitely worth exploring if you have an hour or so with a car or guide.