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Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District


Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District

130 E Exchange Ave, Fort Worth, TX

As you drive in to the Stockyards district, it may appear you’ve made a wrong turn — keep going. Unless you enter from the main drag, it doesn’t feel as though you’re at the “right” place until you park and walk into the district.

Remember it’s called the Stockyards for a reason. Livestock was traded here, and it was a meatpacking district for some time before becoming a tourist destination in the early 1990s. Today, cattle are still sold at the Stockyards each week.

Once inside the Stockyards, the Old West atmosphere can be seen down every cobblestone street (leave your heels at home) as you walk and explore the district. A stroller is definitely needed for younger children, but may be a challenge with the cobblestone.

Families will find numerous restaurant options, whether you’re looking for casual BBQ or a Texas-size steak dinner. Live music and entertainment fill many establishments (and saloons) and it’s a perfect place for Texas-style shopping. Boots, hats, belts and souvenirs are featured in many of the shops.

The rodeo, Stockyard Museum, cattle drive, Texas Trail of Fame, petting zoo and cowboy halls of fame can all be found within the Stockyards, among the many other things to do and see.

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