Family Activities:

Garnet Ghost Town


Garnet Ghost Town

P.O. Box 18295, Missoula, MT

Located just under an hour outside Missoula is Garnet Ghost Town, once home to approximately 1,000 gold miners and their families. Now it is a place for families to go back in time and learn about life in Montana in the late 1800s. Things to do within and nearby the town include walking along the various trails, school tours, scavenger hunts, nature hikes, camping, fishing, mountain biking, and hunting.

$3 per person for those over the age of 16

Garnet Ghost Town is open daily, year-round, from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. However, access to the town is limited during the winter months. Vehicles are only allowed on the road from May 1 to December 15, weather permitting. Garnet is only accessible by snowmobile and cross-country skis in the dead of winter.