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Glacial Grooves State Memorial


Glacial Grooves State Memorial

739 Division St., Kelleys Island, OH

This unique natural phenomenon located on the north side of Kelleys Island is the largest accessible glacial grooves in the world. Visitors can climb a short set of steps and walk around the fenced in glacial grooves area. You cannot walk, climb or touch the grooves, however visitors can get great views of the glacial grooves as you walk around the fenced area.

The grooves were etched into the solid limestone bedrock about 18,000 years ago when ice covered North America. The Kelleys Island Glacial Grooves are 400 feet long, 35 feet wide and 10 feet deep at its deepest point. Hundreds of marine fossils are also said to be contained within the National Nature Landmark.

Touring the landmark could take about 15 to 20 minutes, if you take the time to stop and read the posted signs about the landmark.

It’s free to walk and observe the glacial grooves.

There is a small parking area for golf carts and vehicles at the foot of the grooves.