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Gorge at Watkins Glen State Park


Gorge at Watkins Glen State Park

Watkins Glen, NY

The gorge at Watkins Glen State Park is a testament to the true beauty of America’s natural decor. Though the park itself is filled with beautiful trails, hills and alluring scenery, the gorge is an attraction all its own.

Part of only one of many trails in the park, the gorge’s stream splits into over 19 breathtaking waterfalls, all of which eventually roll, slide and flow their way to the bottom. Very rarely is the beauty of hundreds of thousands of years of erosion, rock formation and history so apparent as at the gorge. But be warned — though there are some low stone walls, there are no real fences or barriers preventing children from falling into the water.

Visitors to the gorge will be able to see its beauty from every angle, as the trail literally surrounds it. The “hike” itself isn’t all that rigorous and is very tourist-friendly, making it suitable for families of varying age and skill level. There are, however, steps which can certainly prove somewhat strenuous.

And if the beautiful scenery and fresh air just aren’t enough for the kids, there is also an Olympic-sized pool located at the South Entrance of the park.

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