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Green Gables Heritage Place


Green Gables Heritage Place

8619 Route 6, Cavendish, Prince Edward Island

For fans of “Anne of Green Gables,” walking through the white house with green trim brings your imagination back to the books written by L.M. Montgomery, who easily blurred the lines between fact and fiction by making Prince Edward Island the setting for many of her books.

Watch a short film about the books and their popularity since first being published in 1908, read some handwritten notes from the author and view her typewriter. Then walk through the reconstructed barn to see what farming was like in the 1900s. Wander around the property and keep an eye out for Anne Shirley herself before stepping inside Green Gables.

Once inside the small two-story house, take note of the kitchen stove, floral wallpaper and of course, Anne’s room, where you’ll see her dress with puffed sleeves and the garment bag she carried when she arrived at Green Gables. A 20-minute guided tour outside the house (spoken in English and French) and a second 20-minute movie about the author are also available for visitors to enjoy. Learn more about Montgomery and how she was inspired by Prince Edward Island, Cavendish and her cousin’s house she named Green Gables, when she wrote her novels.

Visitors can take a walk through the “Haunted Woods” or “Lovers Lane,” as both wooded trails return to Green Gables and are about 1-mile long. The Haunted Woods trail also leads to the site of Montgomery’s home where she wrote Green Gables. Take note however, that this is just the “site” of her home; an actual house no longer exists on the property. Visitors can see the foundation of the property and visit a bookstore. You can also drive to the site, which is around the corner from Green Gables, you do not have to walk the trail. When purchasing tickets at Green Gables, if you’re considering the combo pass, do realize there is little to see at the site of the author’s home. But more stories of the author’s life can be entertaining there as well.

Arts and crafts and other children’s activities take place at Green Gables throughout the day, too. There are restrooms and a gift shop also located on the Green Gables property.

9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily from May 1 through Oct. 31; closed Dec. 1 to April 14

In season, adult: $7.80, child (ages 6 to 16): $3.90. A combo pass, which includes Green Gables and the site of L.M. Montgomery’s Cavendish Home is $11.80 per adult and $5.90 per child.

A small café, called the Butter Churn Café, offers beverages and snacks with an “Anne of Green Gables” flair located near the barn. Picnic tables can also be found on the property if you plan to bring lunch with you.

A large, free parking lot is available.