Family Activities:

Hendy Woods State Park


Hendy Woods State Park

18599 Philo Greenwood Rd, Boonville, 95466-9406, CA

Situated about 45 minutes south of Mendocino, Hendy Woods State Park is a great place to stop as you make the drive to or from Mendocino. You will feel tiny as you stroll among the California Redwood trees, some of which may be more than 300 feet tall and 1,000 years old!

There are several marked dirt trails to follow, varying from a half-mile to 5 miles. Hendy allows families to spend an hour, or a half or full day among the Redwoods. Families can hike, picnic, or camp at Hendy Woods or just admire the grand trees.

8 a.m. to sunset

Things to Know/Bring
There is a wheelchair-accessible trail available. Dogs are permitted in the park on a leash, but not on the trails.

Small parking lots can be found throughout the park.