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Hoh Rain Forest


Hoh Rain Forest

Hoh Valley Road, Olympic National Park, WA

No visit to Olympic National Park is complete without visiting the Hoh Rain Forest, one of the largest old-growth stands in the Northern hemisphere, receiving up to 170 inches of rain annually. Around the town of Forks, the portal to the Hoh, you’ll notice you’re in timber country, which can feel jarring if you’re expecting old-growth conifers. But as you approach the Hoh’s park boundary, the trees start to get big. From the Hoh Visitor Center, walk the stunning Hall of Mosses trail and Spruce Nature trails, or for a longer hike, try the flat beginning stretch of the 17.3-mile Hoh River Trail. The visitor center is open daily in the summer and Friday through Sunday the remainder of the year. Hours vary according to season.

Recent Traveler Reviews

An amazing spruce forest

by John D

The old growth trees are huge and quite beautiful. The moss covered forest is so old, damp and beautiful. The streams along the trails are also beautiful. This is a true rain forest.
Went with tour guide - Experience Olympic Tours

by dentken

We had a great time. Wonderful tour guided by Carolyn Wilcox. You may think that you don't need a tour guide to hike a path in a rain forest, but I beg to differ. We…