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House of Chocolate


House of Chocolate

Young Street 10, Next to Grenada National Museum, St. George's

What child, big or small, doesn’t love a good chocolate story? That’s exactly what you are going to get at Grenada’s House of Chocolate, located in St. George’s. It would be ideal to visit this stop early on in the vacation; that way children can identify different parts of the cocoa process around the island during their stay.

Stop into the retail front of the shop and request a tour. They are free and often; you can even join one in progress. The chocolate history and presentation is a 20-minute hands-on, mouth-watering overview of the island’s cocoa culture.

House of Chocolate has a museum, loads of chocolate delights from hot chocolates to ice cream to drinks, and a small boutique with Grenadian cocoa products. It’s an easy, tasty and educational stop.