Family Activities:

Jewish Quarter


Visit the Jewish Quarter (Josefov) to explore Prague’s Jewish history. Here are the remains of the Jewish Ghetto and fragments of the lives of the nearly 6,000 Jewish people who perished during World War II. The Old Jewish Cemetery is Europe’s oldest surviving cemetery, but because so many graves and cemeteries were destroyed during the war, they have layered gravestones upon gravestones, with more than 12,000 gravestones and more than 100,000 people. To get to the cemetery, you’ll first begin in Pinkas Synagogue, where the names of more than 70,000 Czech Jews who died during the Holocaust are featured on the walls. The Old-New Synagogue is Europe’s oldest synagogue still operating, built in 1270. You may buy entrance tickets to each, but a group ticket is inexpensive and the heartbreaking visit will stay with you when you leave.