Family Activities:

Knoxville Children’s Theater


Knoxville Children’s Theater

109 East Churchwell Ave, Knoxville, TN

Here you’ll find plays for children, by children. For kids who love theater and plays, the Knoxville Children’s Theater cannot be beat. Not only are the actors children, but the props are made by children, the stage managed by children and the play co-directed by children.

Plays change monthly and vary from classics such as “Annie” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” to clever mashups of movies and plays. Children and adults will both enjoy a trip to the cozy theater. Snacks are available for purchase and proceeds go directly to help fund the theater.

Tickets for plays are $12 a person or $20 for a child and adult ticket. Times vary and RSVPs are suggested so check the website for more information and what play is showing. Shows are recommended for kids age 3 and up.