Family Activities:

Land of Adventure


Land of Adventure

One Legoland Drive, Carlsbad, 92008, CA

This Land is great for kids 4 years and up keen on some excitement. On the dimly lit, sinister-esque Lost Kingdom Adventure ride, you aim at targets with laser guns. Though fun for kids appreciating the challenge of target-shooting to accrue a good score, the eerie noises may be scary for the littlest ones. The Beetle Bounce, on which kids sit in a row while being propelled up nearly 15 feet, is fun, though not for all in the under-five set. My 4 year old loved it, but the sudden movement and lofty heights proved too much for her slightly younger pal. Dune Raiders features 50-foot long slide tracks that kids zoom down on mats.

Pharaoh’s Revenge is a small play zone with heaps of foam balls to fire about and throw around. Save it for the heat of the day or when you otherwise need a break.