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Las Tortugas Adventures


Las Tortugas Adventures


A variety of kayaking tours are available through Las Tortugas, including a bioluminescent tour. Families will paddle in dual kayaks out to Bio Bay to see the bioluminescent, an organism that lives in the ocean and illumates when disturbed. Kayaking can be slightly challenging in the dark if you are inexperienced, however it is easy to pick up as you go along on the flat waters. You will paddle through mangroves before reaching Bio Bay, where the experienced tour guides will explain the bioluminescent to the group. Swish your hands and paddles in the water and watch as the bioluminescent comes to life. This is an unique experience as bioluminescent can only be found in few places around the world.

Hours: Two bioluminescent tours are offered daily, one that beings at sunset (6:30 p.m.) so you will only be kayaking at dusk and the other that takes place at 8:30 p.m. when there is no light.

Age or Height Restrictions: Children must be over the age of 5 to take the sunset tour and must be at least 12 years old to take the night tour.

Things to Know/Bring: Bring bug spray and a towel for when you return. Expect to be sitting in some water in the kayak but you will not get complete wet unless you fall out of the kayak. The water is only a few feet deep and most can stand up safely if the kayak were to flip. Keep in mind there is zero light while kayaking to see the bioluminescent. Children could be slightly frightened kayaking in the dark. Life jackets are provided and tour guides are with the groups of about 20 people.

Dining: Water and snacks are provided at the end of the tour.

Parking:Free parking surrounds the area.