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Manhattan Skyline


For decades, the New York City Skyline in Manhattan has been a staple of Western culture. Its profound beauty is a testament to America’s Industrial Revolution and transition from rural to urban growth.

What makes this attraction different from most others is that you won’t have to go looking for it — like New York’s famous attitude and vibe, it’s with you wherever you go in the Big Apple.

While no one argues that it’s a must-see, everyone’s opinion on how to see it differs.

Some say it’s best viewed from the Empire State Building or Top of the Rock Observation Deck at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. Others suggest having a look at it from Central Park, or on one of the many boat tours offered up and down the Hudson River. And then there are the people who say the best way to see Manhattan is by digging right into the heart of the concrete jungle and staring up at the overwhelming industrialized allure of New York City.

This writer believes the best way to behold the beauty of the Manhattan Skyline is from afar — across the Hudson or East River, in either Hoboken or Brooklyn.

Regardless of how your family chooses to see it, you’ll be pleasantly awestruck when you do.