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Marineland Dolphin Adventure


Marineland Dolphin Adventure

9600 Oceanshore Boulevard, Marineland, 32080, FL

With a focus on marine conservation and preservation, Marineland invites visitors to come swim with the dolphins. This attraction offers a variety of ticket packages to suit any budget, from general admission to observe the dolphins to working with a trainer and the dolphins in the water. Note: There are age restrictions for all programs other than general admission. If planning a dolphin adventure with older children, parents may want to make other arrangements for kids ages 2 and younger.

Recent Traveler Reviews

Meet a Dolphin

by GoalBustersJim

A fun place for kids and adults. We had less than an hour and still saw everything except the main attraction, the dolphin show. You can also pay extra and have a “dolphin experience” interacting...
Great Experience!

by captadams

My wife and I had picked up 2 of our grandkids for a mini vacation. Came down to Marineland Dolphin Adventure. We checked out the loggerhead sea turtles and the Sandtiger Sharks, very cool and…